Day 1 in Bangkok (11 Dec 13):
Flew AirAsia for the first time
Touched down at 0010h (12 Dec 13)
Checked into our hotel at 0130h
Went for our first meal in Bangkok at 0230h
Went to Pratunam Market at 0400h
Had breakfast in our hotel at 0630h
Went back to sleep at 0730h
It’s now 1205h and I’m up and ready for our ‘second’ day while the rest are still sleeping


Wow, it’s been so long since I last updated this space and I do feel bad. IT HAS ALMOST BEEN A YEAR. Things always end up this way; I think of something, I start it, but I don’t follow through. I promise to update more once my exams are over! After all, I’ve moved to Brisbane for university and I’ve travelled to two other states so far. The are pros and cons though — being able to see places I’ve never been to and burning a huge hole in my already tight pocket.

Till Mid November!

Spring in Perth

Heading to Perth in less than 2 days’ time and I haven’t packed at all. I don’t know what to bring. Thinking about the number of cameras I feel like bringing is making me excited yet dreadful. Having to lug the cameras around is gonna be a real pain, but I guess, no pain no gain.

Here’s to my virgin trip to Perth, may everything go well.